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Wiseear aims to remove the bureaucratic burden from physicians and help them focus on medical care and human interaction with their patients.

What we do

Physicians are pressured to spend less direct time with their patients, because of admistrative tasks and complex healthcare systems. This leads to issues of trust, misdiagnosis and unavailability of medical care. Wiseear provides an answer to this. Our solution uses state of the artificial intelligence to analyze, document and classify consultations, letting the physician focus entirely on the patient.


Make the consultation as seamless as possible.


Analyze the physician patient interaction.


Simplify paperwork and assist physician during consultation.


Approach focused on improving experience of both physician and patient.


We expect an mp4 file containing a conversation between a physician and his patient. The system will then extract the answers to the following questions: What medication is being taken and when was the last diagnosis?

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